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Feb 05, 2019
In General Discussions
There are so many memorable moments with my Double Dragon family, I've lost count! I can honestly say that we have something so special here at Double Dragon, you'd have to just be here to experience it! Everyone looks out for one another, as they would their own. Anytime we are all together it's always a time to remember. Our families are so locked in and dedicated. We celebrate together; from the lock ins, birthday parties, to the weddings, and new births. We are there in times of loss, and in times of achievement. We train together, we push each other to do our best, not just on mat, but off the mat as well. I believe that it is important to be around those that help you see the greater you. That's what we are to each other. WE ARE FAMILY! There's nothing like it! I am blessed to be apart of Double Dragon!


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