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The reasons WHY people BULLY

 Bullies are everywhere, and it’s all about power!


Bullying is an unpleasant, rude, and hurtful behavior causing abuse, and mistreatment to others; or an aggressive repeated behavior with intent to cause harm.


It is characterized by an individual seeking to gain power over another person.  This forced imbalance of social and/or physical power distinguishes Bullying from simple conflict.


Bullying ranges from simple one-on-one interactions, to more complex offences where the Bully may have help, or one or more "lieutenants" who may assist him or her.


Those who engage in this behavior seem to have a need to feel powerful, and in control, and have little empathy for their victims.

Often times when people feel threatened, they began to Bully to maintain their position.  Many times, it begins as VERBAL or THREATS, any we know that it will most often leads to physical violence.



Kids pick up this behavior at school, at home, in their music, and in their daily interactions.  They learn that this is the way they can get things done, and have their way.


Here are some of the causes for Bullying;


1. They are not getting the attention they want


2.They are having family struggles, so they want to control someone else.


3.They have low self-confidence, so they Bully others to feel more confident and powerful.


4.They feel their social status is being threatened.


5. They’re trying to be cool or impress others.​​​​

*Our Instructors at Double Dragon teach skills on how to effectively handle any Bully


Tell the teacher, walk away, ignore them.  Does this really work?


Even though this sound good, they don’t always work for every situation, and many times the victims may feel that if they tell the teacher, they could be labeled as a "snitch" and will have a hard time keeping or making friends. Often, the kid who is being Bullied, will be the one the adults label as a whiner and troublemaker, thereby blaming the one Bullied rather than the Bully.


When you enroll your child in one of our Programs at Double Dragon, your child will learn many skills on how to stand up for themselves by using their brain, and confident body posture, instead of fighting.  We teach that fighting is ALWAYS a last resort.

No one should ever be afraid to go to school (or work) right! We help our students of all ages to become more confident, and possess the skills to stand up to Bullies, and therefore live a much happier life.  Isn’t that what we all want?

Give us a call today!  And we will be happy to share one of our excellent classes with your child.  You never know.  Like many parents, you may find yourself on the training floor as well. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our highly successful Bully education program.


Excerpts from 7 Strategies to defeat a Bully” Copyright, 2014 “John Williamson". All rights reserved.


Warm Regards,

Master J. Wheeler

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