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At Double Dragon Tang Soo Do,  we strive to empower students of all ages and backgrounds to tackle new challenges and experiences. Below you’ll find the information you'll need about our courses, our team, and our school culture.

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Moments with the Master EP-31

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To Our Community

These are challenging times that we find ourselves in these days.  The Covid-19 virus has affected many people around the world, not to mention our businesses, hobbies, and our way of life.

Most of what we were accustomed to, has come to a screeching halt, and a new normal is at hand.  Since the day we were mandated to close, we immediately transitioned to Virtual classes to serve our students, and the community, and to ensure that our students maintain some physical activity, and continue their development.


Now that we're back open, we have adjusted hours to ensure that we can disinfect between classes; and on nice days, we train outside in the fresh air! 


All Students, and instructors are required to have their temperature taken, masks are now optional.  

Most of our Staff has also be vaccinated for their protection and yours.  


Here are some of the reasons to begin training at Double Dragon.


1. It get's the kids off of the video games a few hours out of the week.

2. It's a great way for adults to release stress, and have a healthy outlet.

3. It's great exercise! 

4. You will learn valuable skills that can keep you safe.

4. It will help your child with socialization.

5. Kids learn how NOT to bully, or BE bullied.

6. They will learn focus, manners, structure, self-confidence, and self-control just to name a few!  What have you got to lose?  



Leave contact info on Web site to inquire, or Text 810 216-5023 to make appointment  


WE   OFFER   FAMILY   RATES   FOR   two  or   more STUDENTS!


TAI CHI/KIGONG $80 Per Month available at our Linden Rd location only, call for details)

Again, we wish you good health, and peace.

We hope to see you on the mat soon,


J. Wheeler 5th Dan Senior Master, and Q. Powell 4th Dan Master

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