Master Jeff Wheeler

Master Wheeler has trained in various Martial Arts for over 27 years. He has experience in Hapkido, Tai Chi/Philipino/Indoneasian Martial Arts and Boxing. He fell in love with Tang Soo Do many years ago, and decided to make that his primary art. On April 16th 2016, Master Wheeler received the HUMANITARIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD. His Region and Organization raised and donated over $16,000 to the Flint Water efforts that Master Wheeler is very committed too. In addition to that, he was also awarded his MASTER'S BELT by Grand Master Robert Beaudoin. A rank that required 3 years of rigorous testing, and came 9 years after his previous belt. When asked if it was worth the wait? Master Wheeler said, "you bet it was." He adds, that he has many friends that began the Martial Arts journey at the same time he did in other Organizations, and they out rank him. But he also shared that it's not how many stripes on your belt that matters. What matters most to him, is the quality, and reputation of the Organization. The World Tang Soo Do's motto is Traditionalism, Professionalism, and Brotherhood. It's the Fraternity or Brotherhood that he loves the most. As for quick promotions, you won't find that here. If you do what you're supposed to do by continuing to grow, and helping others, the rank will take care of it's self. When asked what his goals are, he says that his goal is to create Masters who will create Masters; and this dream is already in motion. Because in April of 2016 his "other" son Osai Robinson attended the 27th annual Master's camp, and according to the reports from the Senior Masters, he did an outstanding job! With hopes of being invited back in 2017!

Our late Grand Master Jae Chul Shin. Created a World class Organization. He was a friend, a great visionary and leader, and I wanted to be a part of his vision and leadership."

The World Tang Soo Do Association celebrated it's 30th year anniversary in 2012. It has grown to well over 185,000 members in 40 Countries. That's a huge accomplishment, considering the Association was established in November of 1982 with only 164 Charter members.

We strive for excellence in, and out of the dojang (studio). It's a huge organization, but at the same time it has a wonderful family atmosphere. "The people actually care and support each other!" "I'm here to stay" says Master Wheeler

Master Wheeler is World Champion competitor, taking two gold and one bronze medal at the 2008 World Championships. A Gold and two Bronze medals at the 2002 Championships, and is a multiple Regional Grand Champion. Instructor Wheeler the Author of a new book entitled "Where is Adam, understanding a father's role" He also a Ordained Minister, Motivational Speaker, as well as a Retired veteran of the Police Dept. He is the KARATE CHAIRPERSON and HEAD COACH for the FLINT OLYMPIAN GAMES and THE INTERNATIONAL CANUSA GAMES. These games and sporting events have been a testament of friendship and goodwill between Hamilton Ontario and Flint M.I. since 1958. As a result, many other American and Canadian Cites have created similar sporting alliances.

Master Wheeler, and his assistants also teach many after school programs through out the City and County. These programs have extended Double Dragon's reach well beyond the walls of it's studio, helping hundreds of children.

When asked what led him to open his own school, he adds, that after observing the many terrible choices that young people were making, he decided to be apart of the solution by starting his own Karate studio, which he did April 2004. This was done only after much encouragement from his friend, Master Matt Ochs. Now Master Wheeler has an avenue to help make a much needed change in peoples lives, and in his community. That change agent, is Double Dragon Tang Soo Do Academy. After only 20 months of operation, God had grown Double Dragon to the point where expansion was necessary, and expand they did. On January 16th, 2006 Double Dragon moved into a larger studio which was twice the size of their old school. The new space was welcomed. Then in August 2008, Double Dragon out grew that location, and moved into it's 3rd, and current location at 1235 S. Center Rd. in the Park Place Centre in Burton MI @ I69 & Center Rd. We look forward to more great things from Master Wheeler and the Double Dragon Karate family. Is there a second location in their future? Only time will tell. Their motto is Phil 4:13. They look forward to you becoming part of their outstanding Karate family.