Our Instructors & Staff Members

Our Instructors have spent many years devoted to training in the art of Tang Soo Do and other martial arts and have attained a certain level of expertise to qualify them as teachers and also mentors.

Through extensive testing, certification and tournament level competition, our staff has attained mastery in this martial art and now enjoy sharing their skill and passing it on to their students.

Here are a few of Double Dragon Tang Soo Do's instructors and other staff members, starting with Instructor at large Master Osai Robinson:

Instructor at large Master Osai Robinson
Master Robinson is one of Master Wheeler’s 1st promoted Black Belts, receiving his Master’s rank 10/2017. He runs his school named in honor of Master Wheeler (West coast Dragons) in San Diego C.A. Master Robinson is a world class competitor and Instructor.

Receiving Master’s rank from GM Strong 10/2018 San Diego C.A
Master Jeff Wheeler  (Sa Bum Nim)  Send E-mail to Master Jeff Wheeler
Master Wheeler has 30 years of Martial Arts experience. He holds Rank in other systems such as BKF/Universal Systems, and Modern Arnis de Mano. Master Wheeler began his journey with the World Tang Soo Do Association in late 1998. He is also a student of Philipino/Indonieasian Martial Arts, as well as Hapkido and Boxing.

Some of his accomplishments include repeat WORLD CHAMPION wins with three TOP THREE PLACINGS at the 2002 World Championships. ONE BRONZE AND TWO GOLD MEDALS at the 2008 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Orlando Florida. He also has several REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP CUPS to his name, the last one earned in October of 2007, and he is also a CANADIAN BELT WINNER. In 2008 Master Wheeler retired from competition, noting that his focus is completely dedicated to the development of his students. "There's only so many trophies you can win, and Martial Arts training is far more than a trophy, it's about personal development!" he says. Master Wheeler is a husband, wife (Tc), father of four, Quion, Osai, Quiana and Quiara. He is Certified NRA CPL Instructor and Pistol Instructor, a 25 year Police Veteran (retired), former (PPCT) Police Academy Instructor, as well a Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Licensed, and Ordained Minister and holds a B.A in Biblical Studies, and Pastoral Leadership. Master Wheeler is also the Author of the book entitled "WHERE IS ADAM, UNDERSTANDING A FATHER'S ROLE." (www.Whereisadam.org) His life changing book can can be ordered on Amazon.com He is the owner of Alpha & Omega CPL and Personal Protection Training. (www.Alphaomegacpl.com)

"At Double Dragon we serve students ages 1 1/2 years old thru adults. After joining, our students quickly learn that training is more than punching, kicking, and trophies. You have to have the "Four C's" to be successful, Character, Commitment, Competence, and Compassion. Master those skills, and you will be a Champion."
- Master Jeff Wheeler

Master Jeff Wheeler
Quiana Wheeler  (Bo Sa Bum Nim 3rd dan)
Quiana is the daughter of the Head Instructor and has several titles to her credit. Placing internationally at the 2002, '04, '08, 10 and most recently earning a SILVER MEDAL at the 2018 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. She also has many top three finishes, at local and Regional events. Quiana is also exercising her leadership skills throughout our community, servicing the youth of Flint and Genesee County. She is having a tremendous time building relationships and networking with our community partners and introducing Double Dragon to her after school karate kids and families.Her attention to detail and excellence makes her a valuable Instructor and tremendous help to Double Dragon, especially the parents and students who adore her.

"If my students aren't improving, it's my responsibility. I make sure that I model what I want my students to repeat. I teach that character is more important than anything else."
- Quiana Wheeler

Quiana Wheeler
Quiara Wheeler  (Sam Dan)
Ms. Quiara is a multiple Regional, and World Champion. Her smile is as penetrating as her technique. She brings great energy to any class she teaches. At 17 years old, she is the youngest 3rd degree black belt in our School and Region.

Markus Muennix  (kyo Sa Nim 2nd dan)
Instr. Muennix is a stickler for detail and always a hard worker at Double Dragon. Being a Gold Cup winner at the 2012 Extravaganza as well as the 2016 Regional Championships. His accomplishments have put him in good company at Double Dragon, and he is eager to help other do the same.

"If it's worth doing. it's worth doing right!"
- Markus Muennix

Markus Muennix
Tiffani Jones  (E- Dan)
Tiffani is a great addition to the staff at Double Dragon. She and her daughter (also a Black Belt) are committed to helping Double Dragon, and it's students be the best that they can be.

Anthony Wynn  (E- Dan)
Anthony Wynn has numerous credentials and accomplishments. We will be updating this section shortly to detail them.

Jaquavius Joshua  (E-Dan Assistant Instructor)
Jaquavius is Master Wheeler’s right hand man at Double Dragon and does a fantastic job. His high energy and dedication is 2nd to none.

Chase Grays  (Sam Dan)
Chase is our newest addition to the Double Dragon family. He is an excellent teacher with tremendous energy and skill. Welcome Instructor Chase.

Hellen Jacobson  (Kyo Sa Nim)
Hellen Jacobson has numerous credentials and accomplishments. We will be updating this section shortly to detail them.

For more information about the Double Dragon Tang Soo Do staff or training programs, please contact us at 810-744-0111 or by clicking here.